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10 Tips to Avoid Getting Your Adsense Account Disabled

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Now that we covered the most common Adsense mistakes, you need to know 5 key tips to avoid getting banned and also increase your overall Adsense earnings.

Tip #1 – Write original content for your website

Google hates duplicate content, especially when you show Adsense ads on the same pages as your “shared content.”

Many webmasters struggle to find high quality, original content for their websites. So instead, you may be tempted to grab articles from article databases, PLR, other blogs, etc.

Luckily, there are a few ways to get high quality content for very low prices:


These websites give you access to hundreds of thousands of writers for as little as $5 per article. Remember, you are writing content for visitors, not Google adsense.

Good content will increase your Adsense earnings naturally because you benefit from word of mouth marketing, unique backlinks, and search engine visitors who are looking for a specific answer to their problems.

Tip #2 – Only show Adsense Ads to Search Engine Visitors
A quick way to increase your CTR and decrease the chance of click fraud is to only show your Adsense ads to search engine visitors.

One of the most common reasons for click fraud is due to accidental clicking from your friends and co-workers. If you only show ads to search engines visitors, your friends can browse your site without being tempted to click your ads.

Also, search engines visitors are more likely to click your ads because they are actively searching for a solution. On the other hand, direct and referral visitors are more likely to be returning visitors who have no interest in your Adsense ads.

Tip #3 – Show certains ads to certain countries

Most of the western world has access to credit cards, which means countries like USA, England, Australia & Canada will make up the bulk of any profitable leads.

If your website gets visitors from many countries, you can simply show ads to specific countries.

Remember, Google cares a lot about their advertisers because Google Adwords, the advertising network, makes up around 97% of Google’s annual revenue. Because of this, Google spends more time protecting their advertisers than they do their publishers.

In order to protect advertisers, Google recently banned all publishers in Pakistan due to click fraud allegations.

Only show ads in highly developed countries where browsers are more likely to take an action after clicking the ads.

Tip #4 – Block Unrelated Sites in Adsense
Another reason your account could be banned is due to underperforming ROI. In simple terms, an advertiser gets lots of traffic from your website but very few people perform the desired call to action (sign up for newsletter or buy something).

You can block any poorly and/or unrelated advertisers in the Google Adsense section. More information on how to do this here.

Tip #5 – Use Copyscape on high earning pages
The truth is 20% of your pages generate 80% of your web traffic. If you have any high earning pages, make sure that nobody else steals your content or Google Adsense may think your content is “duplicate” therefore making your account eligible to a ban.

Copyscape is a great tool for checking for duplicate and/or stolen content.

Tip #6 – Your sites cannot look MFA (Made for Adsense)

This seems blatantly obvious, but you’d be surprised what people consider not “MFA.” What Google thinks is MFA and what you think is MFA might be two different things. Your site cannot have only a couple articles, and it certainly cannot be spun content.

Remember, all it takes is for Google to manually review one site of yours. The rest is history. Each one of your sites should have a minimum of 5 articles, and each article needs to have a purpose. If all of them are similar, that’s not a good look.

Tip #7 – Authority Sites Win
The more time you spend on one site to actually make it a worthwhile site in a particular niche, the more you will be rewarded.

Google loves authority sites, sites with tons of content that is not spun but unique and helpful to the user. With proper adsense placement and strong content, your site can potentially earn much more than your 5-10 MNS sites you have left for months without updates.

Google does not ban people with authority sites, if they pass manual review, you’d be surprised the stuff you will be saved from. (click bombs result in bans ONLY when Google sniffs out your MNS or MFA sites under a manual review – authority sites just get the money subtracted)

Tip #8 – Update Your Content
Update your website at least once a month is the bare minimum. I know people like to set up a MNS site and leave it running, but you have to add at least 1 article per month. 2 a month would be great.

This is not a lot of work, especially when you can buy a good quality article for cheap prices on here or anywhere else (if you can’t write it yourself). Again, make sure the article has a purpose. KW stuffing and random baseless paragraphs aren’t an article.

Tip #9 – No Ads Above Fold 
If a user loads your website and the first thing they see is ads, you’re screwed. You should guide your user to ads with proper placement in prominent places. Avoid too many above the fold ads.

Use the sidebar, a leaderboard, and ads in the middle or end of your content. Don’t try to throw adds at the user, because you will be throwing ads at Google’s team when they come check out your website.

Tip #10 – Avoid using Autoblogging bots
Lots of webmasters use autoblogging scripts to automatically update their websites. While this may be convenient, you are breaking the TOS by monetizing scraped content with Adsense ads. Google doesn’t want to be associated with stolen content that adds little value to the visitor. Aim to write high quality, original content or outsource your content using Textbroker or iWriter.

How to Apply for a New Google Adsense Account
Luckily, Google only bans people on the account level, not the actual website. This means you can show ads on your website again if you apply for a new Adsense account and/or use a friend’s account.

Here’s the quoted method from Zac Johnson on how to get a new Adsense account:

If you NEED to run Google Adsense, simply create a new business identity and re-apply. Then only use it on your best sites and with legitimate and real traffic they shouldn’t have any problems with. Their terms and conditions even state that “other” Google Adsense accounts can run their ads on your site.

I recommend signing up with a family member’s name, address, social security number, etc when creating a new account.

Clear your computer’s cookies as well or Google associate your banned account with the new one and shut down your attempt. Beat Adsense Ban shows you set by step how to do this without getting caught by Google.

How long does it take to get your account application approved?
Google says it takes up to 4 business days, but it can actually take much longer than that. Be patient. Check out this article here for more details on the Adsense application process.

Important Google Adsense Contacts
The default way to contact Google Adsense is recommended by Google, however you are competing with thousands of other request every day. In some cases, it can take the Adsense Team up to 3 months just to review your message. Often, they will never respond to you.

Smart publishers can use social networking websites to build a relationship with important Google Adsense team members to regain their accounts and receive special insider information on their Google Adsense earnings.

You can contact these people on Linkedin since many business professionals use Linkedin to stay in touch with friends & business associates.


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